Why Bots?

Bots are the new paradigm

Wiby with a Web Server on front.

Messaging is everywhere

People are looking at their phones more than 4 hours per day and spend a 85% on messaging Apps.

Wiby with a circle of channel logos around that include Skype, Slack, Amazon Alexa, Line, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Web and RCS Up 2.0

More convenient to use

With bots, companies can provide a 24 hours customer service, with improved user-experience and reduced operational costs.

This is the new paradigm: more convenient, less cost and more scale.

Wiby with a headset, in front of a laptop, speaking to a customer.

New source of monetization

Bots can provide value-added conversational services to consumer brands, improved productivity to the enterprise market, and realize the new model of conversational commerce for the retail industry.

WIT Conversation Platform

An Enterprise Grade Platform

Wiby with a Web Server on front.

Deploy in your own datacentre

To guarantee confidentiality and information safety, WIT Conversation Platform can be deployed on customer premises or private cloud.

Wiby with a circle of channel logos around that include Skype, Slack, Amazon Alexa, Line, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Web and RCS Up 2.0

Multi-channel capabilities

Develop once – surface across all channels, including RCS, Facebook Messenger, Alexa, Telegram, Slack, Skype and Web.

Wiby with a headset, in front of a laptop, speaking to a customer.

Built-in bot frameworks

Embedded bot frameworks to allow fast bot development using pre-existing tools for customer service, enterprise and retail.

Wiby working out, meaning, adding advanced AI capabilities to itself

Advanced AI trained for telco domain

Accelerate the bot training and avoid manual training by using deep learning technology to extract knowledge from FAQ files.

Laptop with a flowchart on the screen

BPMn to model conversation flows

Business Process Management Notation is an industry standard modeling language, that can easily model conversation flows.

Reduce cost & time to market, with technology that generates trust.

See How
Screenshot of the WIT Conversation Platform platform in the Conversation Studio section.

Conversation Studio

From business process to conversation

Conversation flow made easy with BPMn as modeling language, allowing a simple transition from your existing process to conversational interfaces.

No coding. Intuitive drag & drop UI

Easy Bot development with minimum technical expertise required

Conversation as a flow

See the whole customer journey in a single screen.

Bot versioning: easy update and rollout

Easy bot management with built-in Bot versioning to update, revert and rollout.

Conversation Experience Alerts

WIT Conversation Studio conversation checker helps avoid poor conversation experience, such as dead-ends


Multiple languages can be applied to the same conversation flow, increasing the audience reach.

Wiby, the WIT Bot mascot, pointing to a Thunderbolt display with the Multi Language interface
Wiby, the WIT Bot mascot, pointing to a Thunderbolt display with the Multi Personas interface


Multiple Bot Personas can be applied to the same conversation flow, according to audience segment.

Advanced conversation control

Focus on the conversation. WIT Conversation Studio handles the rest.

Transactional Conversation

Automatic control of the conversation, with steer-back features.

Conversation Designer can focus on the primary goal of service. Side talk, interruptions and transactions are automatically handled by the Conversation Studio.

Authentication Control

Automatic control of flows that require user authentication.

Removes the need to handle authentication and permissions to access specific resources ( LDAP, CRM, etc).

Advanced conversation control in the WIT Conversation Studio interface.
Supported Bot Channels including RCS UP 2.0, Web, SMS Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Twitter

Multi-channel content adaptation

One-click publishing of Bots into several channels at the same time.

  • Frictionless omni-presence of Bot-service across several channels
  • No costs for new channel specific development
  • Reduced cost for Bot maintenance across the channels

Artificial Intelligence

Advanced AI technology in language processing

Wity learning

Deep Learning Q&A Knowledgebase

Loads an FAQ file, extracting the fundamental meaning of each question. Allows the bot to deliver correct answers, even when the user phrases the question in different ways.

Wity showing emotions

Sentiment Analysis

Detects the user sentiment in a conversation.

Alerts a human agent to take action monitorization of within the bot sessions taking action to prevent user frustration

Wity speaking

Built-in AI for NLP

WIT Conversation Platform provides built-in AI NLP technology, that can run on-premises. Also allows you to connect with multiple NLP service providers.

Also supports:

Supported AI platforms includes: IBM Watson, Dialogflow, LUIS.ai and WIT.ai

Human Assistance

Manage all conversation between humans and bots.

Allow humans to takeover the conversation to prevent user frustration.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Conversation flow is analyzed in real time, searching for sentiment.

If frustration alert occurs, the bot conversation is can be assisted by a human.

Conversation Correction

Conversation Correction

Human agent can review the conversation and choose to, in real-time, either engage with the user or train the bot with the correct answer.



Bot learns from human correction, allowing increased knowledge in similar situations.

Integration with Live Chat

Integration with Live Chat

Handover to live chat platforms, with pre-built integrations with Live Person, Live Chat and Genesys.

Integrates with:

Integrated Platforms: Live Person, Live Chat and Genesys

Language Support

Build Polyglot bots

Cardboard Box full of dialog balloons

Conversation Dialog

The bot's voice

All languages are supported

Two Wibies talking to each other, although in different languages

Natural Language Processing

The bot capability to understand user

Using external services

More than 15 languages, including French, German and English.

Lupe in front of a book shelf

Deep Learning Q&A

The bot capability to learn content from FAQ

Unique from WIT

Today supporting English, other languages on the roadmap.


We have a plan that fits your needs

for Telcos

For telecom operators to leverage their messaging market

  • AI trained for telco domain
  • Pre-built customer support and conversational commerce templates
  • White label - Make it yours
  • Full on-premises or private cloud deployment
  • Private and dedicated AI modules for NLP
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Enterprise Edition

For companies building their business in Conversational AI

  • White label - Make it yours
  • Unlimited bots & brands
  • Self-service zero-coding conversation design tool
  • Campaign Builder for audience targeting
  • Pre-built bot templates
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